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The initiative will start with a storytelling workshop in Indonesia from 1-6 September 2015, where 20 selected participants from Southeast Asia and six from Europe will meet to network and develop projects with the support of international professionals. Afterwards, the programme will continue as follows:

Dare to Dream

Ten long documentaries (52-75 min) will get development funding and mentoring until the 2nd selection workshop in January 2016. A minimum of six films will get production funds and professional support until their release in 2017.

More information about Dare to Dream >>

Crossing Borders

The six EU projects and up to four SEA projects will receive ongoing mentorship and will meet again for a second workshop and a final pitch in Leipzig, Germany from 21-26 October 2015. Attendance at the Leipzig Networking Days with the Documentary Campus Masterschool Pitching is part of the programme.

More information about Crossing Borders >>