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Directed by the most talented Asian filmmakers, aimed for local audiences, with the support of the best professionals in the world.

Dare To Dream takes you into the vibrant dreams and realities of Asian youth – the future of the planet’s most populated region.  Across Asia, 750 million young people are searching for possibilities – education, work – and the meaning of life. 

At the same time, Asia is the continent that is ageing most, with the older generation in power. It is also facing the most serious consequences of climate change, poverty still exists in its most extreme forms, and fundamental questions about democracy, human rights and freedom of expression are of crucial concern.

Dare To Dream will give a voice to the young generation of Asia through documentary films, looking at the future of the huge continent, concentrating on the most essential questions while at the same time not forgetting the incredible potential, strength and idealism that Asia can offer to its citizens and to the whole world.

Through an intensive selection and production process, firstly in Southeast Asia, filmmakers will develop their ideas and produce their films in a series of workshops supported by the world’s best documentary professionals.

This exciting global project is a cooperation between STEPS (the organization behind the award-winning Steps for the Future, Why Poverty? and Why Democracy? series), In-DocsDocNet Southeast Asia, and supported by the Ford Foundation.

To find out more about what will happen in Dare to Dream, see The Process.

To find out more about who is involved in Dare to Dream, see our Partners.

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