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Dare to Dream is looking for unconventional, brave, and challenging stories that are different, and have not been told before; stories that will take place in the front of the camera about the dreams of Asian youth. The story can also be from the past, but there should be a clear idea of how the past will be told cinematically.

We expect that the protagonist/s will come from the young generation of Asia. An existing dilemma, conflict or important question can open the way into the narrative, but all genres of documentary filmmaking will be considered: also essayistic and artistic films. We hope that the proposals will have social, political, cultural, and even philosophical depth, without making the films boring and predictable.

Twenty projects will be selected for the first workshop in September and from these projects, ten long documentaries (52-75 min) will go on to receive development funding and ongoing mentorship through Dare to Dream. They will be presented at a second selection workshop in January 2016.

From there, six projects will go to production with financial support and mentoring support from some of the best professionals in the world, participating in different workshops and forums. The finished documentaries will be released as a series in 2017.

Interested filmmakers and producers must submit project ideas by July 12th, 2015.

All the costs of workshops will be covered by Dare to Dream.

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For any questions or problems filling in the form, please contact: indocs.workshop@gmail.com.