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These 9 projects are being produced under Dare to Dream Asia

God BLISS Our Home (the Philippines, South Korea)

Director: Nawruz Paguidupon

Mother called and asked if I would go back to my home in the countryside. I live in BLISS for 12 years in Manila. It is an ageing government housing project built by the Marcos administration in the 1970’s. Dilapidated, it is where most local migrant from the provinces live as most units are being rented to city workers and university students. God BLISS Our Home is a selfie documentary that shows my struggle, not only as a young filmmaker trying to survive in Manila but also as I reveal my true identity that my conservative Catholic parents have refused to believe.



Director: Shalahuddin Siregar

A rare access into a unique Islamic boarding school, shown through the lives of its inhabitants. Led by a woman, Pondok Kebon Jambu provides housing and education for young people from low social economy class. It is a not only a place where they learn the teachings of Islam as tools to deal with issues in their present and future, but it is also a space that allows them to experience various youthful joie-de-vivre.



Director: Jason Soo & Vivian Wang

To whom will monuments be built a century from now? Writer Slavoj Žižek says, “It is Lee Kuan Yew, the Singaporean leader who did more than anyone else to promote and implement the marriage of capitalism and authoritarianism. The virus of this authoritarian capitalism is slowly but surely spreading around the globe.” Singapore: 9 Stories of Resistance examines the core of what is wrong with Singapore and how some of its citizens confront the limits placed upon them by law, by society, and by human indifference. And beyond resistance, their stories portray their courage and sometimes, defeat. Nonetheless, the film shows the transformative power of individuals and their conscience.


HIJAB NATION (Indonesia)

Director: Daniel Ziv

Tens of millions of women across Indonesia – from all social classes in cities big and small – have in the past decade begun wearing the traditional Islamic hijab headscarf. This has occurred despite any concerted campaign, government policy or even noticeable swell in religion per se. HIJAB NATION is an immersive, engaging quest through Indonesia to discover what the widely misunderstood hijab means to Indonesian women and society. The film also provides a deeper glance at a country where religious narrative and symbolism is often exploited for power and control.


TURNING 18 (Taiwan)

Director: Ho Chaoti

For most people, home is a place from which they seek warmth and support. But for Hui-Chen, it is a place full of painful memories. Living in poverty, Hui-Chen is more like a mother to her eight younger siblings. Her mother is an alcoholic, and that puts enormous pressure on Hui-Chen. After she turns 18, Hui-Chen has to make a choice. Should they leave home? Will they be able to do it even if they decide to?


Director: Pham Thu Hang

Almost 41 years after the war ended, explosions continue to echo throughout Quang Tri. The province, considered one of the most heavily bombed lands in the history of warfare, is left with tons of undetonated bombs under its soil and with widows, orphans and people physically disabled even until a generation after. But also, the province is left with men like Thanh, Hoang and Phuong –whose bodies are whole, whose minds are sane, but whose spirits seem to have been trapped. The past, the present and the future all will be interwoven and blended in search of an ultimate and infinitive explanation throughout the history of human seen reflectively throught the story of the anonymous, oblivious people in Vietnam: why would they keep repeating their mistakes?



Director: Sein Lyan Tun

Lin Ko, a 16 years old boy, has been forced to drop out of school to take care of his family. He had gone to search for a better future in Thailand but he landed up in the hands of smugglers and working illegally at Thailand to support family. He has a big wish for his family after he returned home. His mysterious journey will begin when he cross the border and meet the family.


12 WIVES ( Indonesia)

Director: Tony Trimarsanto

Umbu Laka is a family patriarch who lives with his 12 wives, 58 children and 220 grandchildren in the small village of Kodi, where he was democratically elected as the village chief for 40 years. As he is old now, he has to step down from governing the village, and he is in deep trouble economically, because has to divide his wealth among his wives and growing descendants. At this point of his life, we will get to know Ma’a, one of his daughter-in-laws who had a college education, and was brought to the village after meeting his son in Facebook and marrying him shortly after.



Director: Dorottya Zurbó, Arun Bhattarai

Tashi (13) has only one desire and it is to become a boy. She tries to do everything that is far away from home and is related to the man’s world. But after an unsuccessful attempt at becoming a footballer in the first Bhutanese women football team she realises that the only way to be a boy at her village is to take over the family’s Buddhist monastery. Will her father accept her as a son and the next guardian?