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Dare to Dream Project Won at DMZ Docs

Red Clothes by Lida Chan has been awarded a cash prize at DMZ Docs, 22 – 29 September 2015 in South Korea. This film tells the story of SOPHANITH. Wounded by police bullets, shot in his leg and neck,
while parading alongside of thousands textile workers for their better working conditions and payment, SOPHANITH becomes an actor that witnessed the long struggle of Cambodian workers.

His family does not support his involvement in the protests. For them, this suffering is karma. “You should not have dared upset the eggs with stone. It is useless”, reproaches SOPHANITH’s mother.

By the cruelty of his story and the weight of social prejudice, the convalescent worker remains stuck, isolated, and unable to express this intimate trauma and bearing the shame of a fault for which he is not responsible. The lm reveals his perception of intolerable things and records the changes in
his way of acting and thinking. Will he build a new life? Will he leave and accept his disability?

This film will question his momentum of uncertainty, and that goes for Cambodia as well.

DMZ Docs took place in South Korea from 22 – 29 September 2015.