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Dare to Dream’s Special IDFA Presentation

A number of Dare to Dream filmmakers Daniel Rudi Haryanto, Dorottya Zurbo, Kelvin Park, Sein Lyan Tun and Ucu Agustin joined mentor Jean Tsien, Ford Foundation’s Chi-hui Yang, broadcasters Kenichi Imamura (NHK) and Erkko Lyytinen (YLE) as well as Executive Producers Amelia Hapsari (In-Docs), Iikka Vehkalahti and Don Edkins (STEPS) to present Dare to Dream at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (25 November 2016). The presentation had a full-house attendance and received many great feedback.

The team also conducted meetings with potential co-producers and partners. Some of them would come to Dare to Dream workshop to get to know the projects, to support them, and to collaborate in many different capacities.